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About Us

Our site,, is part of the Hound Dog Enterprises, LLC family.  We have been selling on the internet since 2001.  We were frustrated by how difficult it was to find the correct wiper blades online.  We could find the correct driver side wiper blade, but search another 5 minutes for the passenger blade, only to find it was out of stock.  Viola,!

We offer the ability to quickly find your wipers, not have to check each blade fits your vehicle, and checkout quickly.  Our quality auto parts are delivered quickly to your door.  

Our Subscribe and Save model also allows you to "Set it and forget it" when it comes to auto parts needing replacement on a regular basis (e.g. Wiper Blade, duh!).

You can also find us as AllStuffConsidered on many different marketplaces:

We work very hard to ensure you, our customer, is always satisfied.